25+ year experience in outsourcing software development for leading telecommunication companies and global market: Swyx Solutions, Infineon Technologies, Lantiq Deutschland, Digi International, Lancom, Intel Corporation, AVM Computersysteme Vertriebs, Esna Technologies, Stollmann, TE-SYSTEMS and many other. We can develop software modules for your communication systems:

  • standard communication protocol software implementation;
  • demodulation, decoding, compression, error correction, encryption, DSP algorithms implementation;
  • embedded systems;
  • Windows or Linux applications or drivers.

Outsourcing with establishing local branch or subsidiary, including full service package: registration, restructuring, management, assistance, business consulting, human resources, hiring, finance reporting to foreign merchant and locally, accounting, finance statements consolidation, GAAP, tax, payroll, invoicing, payments, bank, export control and customs, record keeping and archiving, office rent, facility management.

Success stories:

  • Swyx Solutions GmbH – Raterra SIA;
  • Infineon Technologies AG – Infineon Technologies AG filiale Latvija, Infineon Technologies Latvia SIA;
  • Lantiq Deutschland GmbH, Intel Corporation – Lantiq Latvia SIA;
  • Messersoft GmbH – Metasoft Engineering SIA, Metasoft SIA.